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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Don't be a BUTTHEAD!!

You know what...

....if you are trying to transform your body and get into great shape, you

don't wanna fool yourself.

I'm not gonna fool you. I'm gonna tell it to you straight.


Don't wanna be a BUTTHEAD!

I mean what good do you think your gonna get from smoking?

Let's see... put yourself into the optimal fat burning zones your gonna need to do a bit of cardio excersise and if your putting cancer sticks into you heart and lungs your not gonna be able to reach your goal.

I had noticed that my health was deteriorating and my personal happiness was at an all time low.

I had lost more than I had every gained.
First it was my family,
then it was my sanity
then it was my freedom
after a short while I had lost my money
finally I had lost my figure.

at the age of only 23 I had successfully failed at being much of anything in this life and things were not going to get any better for me. I had not finished any school after high school.

I was more into drugs and alcohol than I needed to be.

That destroyed my mental health to the point I couldn't work or seek employment.

My stupid self had gotten into more criminal trouble than I could afford to stay out of and after I was released I noticed that I was totally


I mean I couldn't look myself in the mirror without seeing what a lump I had become.

I knew I wanted to be more than I was becoming or else I would never see life from anywhere other than the inside of a cell or from the bed of a hospital somewhere.

"You know?"
I said to myself...
..."you were way too good to yourself before...
...what the hell happened?"

I was smoking my last cigarette at that moment. I had realized that it was getting too hard to wake up in the morning and go outside to root in an ashtray or go bum a smoke from one of the local passer byes; just so I could kill myself for another 5 minutes and then get board and go do it all again. I was living on a fixed income at the time and buying a pack of smokes was just killing my budget and not to forget
it was killing me!

I took a look at the cigarette, I can still remember what it was. It was one of those U.S.A. Cigarettes one can buy for a dollar at the corner store. Yeah
a Dollar!! 100 pennies.
I went and bummed a dollar to go buy just ONE nasty cancer stick!

I took a good look at it as it started to burn away another 30 seconds of my life and I knew right then and there that I was nothing more than a

I spent all my waking life trying to kill myself.
What a butthead I was.

That day I was so disgusted with my self that I decided to quit smoking once and for all.

I was not gonna be a


any more!
I had not finished that cigarette and no I do not still have the butt.

what I did was simple I thought then.

I simply put the cigarette out in the ashtray.

Took that ashtray and threw it into the dumpster at the far end of the apartment building I was living in. I had gone back to my apartment and started cleaning.

I got rid of all the old cigarette boxes and butts that were around.
Yeah I still had butts laying around my house!
It was filthy! Just totally disgusting I couldn't believe I had lived like I was living.

I found more ashtrays, lighters, matches and even some soda bottles full of old cigarette butts and put them into the garbage dumpster.

I went to my neighbor to borrow a can of air freshener I think he bought at a dollar store.

He had asked me when I returned it to him half full what I had done with it and I had said to him that I had quit smoking!!

He just said good for me and that I owe him a dollar for the can.

After I had cleaned my apartment you know what happened...
... I started wanting another cigarette!!!!!

I had just told my self I wasn't going to be a Butt head any more and there I was wishing I hadn't just thrown that U.S.A. cigarette into the dumpster.

This was gonna be hard work.

I had to trick my brain a bit and tried to supply my time with something else instead of lighting up.

I didn't have any plan then I just knew I didn't want to be a butt head any more
So I put on my sweats and a t shirt then my sneakers and went outside for the first time in about 5 years and I decided to run.

I was gonna run like forest, work up a good sweat and then exercise until I was too tired to go hunt down or bum a smoke.

That didn't completely make things any better for me because when I got back the first thing I wanted to do was put another one of those carcinogen pistols back into my lungs.

I didn't want to die man and when I was taking a shower I came up with a plan.

My plan was simple

I was going to try to condition my lungs away from the smoking by going on a jog every morning and then exercise at night

I was also going to try to treat some long untreated mental issues as well as
condition my nutrition so I would retrain my body to not want to smoke.

I still had some medical coverage and was able to speak to my doctor about my mental health. I had said that I was wanting to have something that I could use for my bouts with depression. I wasn't so much as totally depressed as much as I was trying to quit smoking now and that I was getting depressed while doing so.

My doc had told me about an anti depressant that might help with the smoking yet there were no guarantees.

I hadn't planned that I would take any drugs for the smoking itself as much as I wanted to have the drugs to help with my depressive state. While taking the drugs I would try to trick my brain into not wanting the fag in my system.

So I came up with little triggers to shoot into my mind.

I had told my self things like
"I'm not gonna let some little fagot kill me"
"If I truly hated cigarettes I would ignore them to the point they didn't exist to me"
" I'm not gonna kill my self let alone have these cancer sticks do it"
and finally I just told myself

I'm not gonna be a butt head.

You know all that hyping up is good and all yet is no match for that morning after you wake up for the first time you decide you want to quit and your lungs are screaming at you to go fire one up as though they need to be fed this lung meal of carbon monoxide poison
and arsenic.

Now I am not gonna give a shameless plug to this company because I don't have any commission deal with them or any of their other products so you won't see a link to there site or advertisement
yet I will say that to conquer that early morning craving that all smokers need to conquer to quit smoking, you might want to try this or a generic form of what I had prescribed to me.
What I had prescribed to me was an anti depressant named

No. It alone did not stop me from smoking.
In fact
I did not even feel any effects from the pills until about a month after taking them.

Yes,during that month it was hard yet
I still stuck to my plan.
I woke up in the morning and instead of going out side to bum a smoke or a dollar to get a single stick I put on the same sweaty clothes and went for a run.
(For more on running during your transformation be sure to read my other posts about running)

When I got back from my run I took the pills with a big glass of water and then took a shower.

I never actually was a big coffee drinker so I didn't totally get the whole coffee and a cigarette crap yet I did notice that I used to like to smoke after having a big meal.

So I decided to save my self a little bit more and only had small meals that did not make me want to smoke after wards.

(For more on nutrition be sure to read my other posts about nutrition and your transformation)

I still felt like I needed to substitute the habit with some healthy alternative so I substituted the action of smoking a cigarette with eating.

No I did not go on a binge eating spree like I said I substituted my large meals with small meals and in between those meals I spit
Sunflower seeds.

I did not think that something so simple would help yet it did!

I went to the local grocery store and bought the biggest bag of seeds in shell that I could afford at the time.
(and yes I did pay my neighbor back for the air freshener)

You know I spent like one dollar 25 cents for a giant bag of Davids Sunflower seeds

and every time I wanted to smoke I just went outside and sat on my stairs that led to my apartment and spat seeds!

You know what else I started to feel the effects of the Welbutrin by this time and noticed that things were a little bit easier as far as the cravings for smoking went.

I would still wake up in the morning to run yet after about month 4 I lost the desire to smoke in the morning.

With the sunflower seeds it was like I was totally forgetting about what it was like to smoke I had not had any nicotine in my system for what seemed to be forever.

I still to this day use the same triggers when ever I see cigarettes or I am around individuals that smoke.

I'm gonna warn you:
"You don't want to be a
Butt head in the sense that you are outwardly commanding other free and rightful individuals to not smoke if they don't ask you for or express that they would like to quit themselves."
Unless they are your responsibility like your under 18 year old kids.

Other than that just simply remove yourself from that place, well that's what I did.

Although it's not too bad to throw in a few of those triggers that I used inside to myself out side to those that ask me for a cigarette now or tell me they need to go on a break to go smoke.

What I mean is it's o.k. to hint to them that you:

"won't kill yourself
am not into suicide
am not a butthead!"

If you are still reading this far

I wasn't sure I could keep your attention.
There is no magic used in the blog here just telling my own personal transformation story of how I became a quitter and why I am not a
"butt head!"

I do appreciate that you have spent the time with me here and maybe just maybe you agree with me and you are well on your way to transforming your life.

Don't Be a Butt Head!

I did not come up with that slogan yet I know it worked for me.

It has been 5 years since I took my last drag of that nasty fag and I am so much better off.

You know I stopped taking the welbutrin my self only 7 months after I started it.

I will warn you and remind you
I did not take the welbutrin to quit smoking.
I took it to help clear up mental issues that I had in an effort to help transform my mental health.

I would not advice you to go running out to your doctor and asking him or her to prescribe you an anti depressant if you have a healthy mind.

I stopped taking that drug in such a dose because it was getting hard for me to manage the effects of the drug on my mind and still try to work.


after I stopped taking the drug I did not and I repeat did not
have these conditions that I did have when I smoked

1. cravings in the morning for cigarettes
2. cravings to smoke after meals
3. desire to smoke cigarettes during short breaks from physical activities
4. have reduced appetite for food
5. increased appetite for food

That being said

do subscribe or continue reading my posts.

As you notice my transformation you are are more than welcome to try some of the suggestions and recommendations that are within it as well as post some of your own thoughts and communications about what you have been doing to better trans mutate your very own lead into gold!

oh and don't forget to stay in contact.

That which is above corresponds with that which is below....

Coach Josh Neff

You gotta Walk before you can run....

Some people ask me what a good activity to do to lose weight is and I can only tell them about my activities. The first thing I remember doing when I wanted to lose weight was to run.

Well that was a little misleading because I had forgoten how terrible and dreading it was (and can be) to actually get out of the bed and into my jogging suit. Lace up my sneakers and then motivate my self to step out the door of my house to simply run up a sweat around my neighborhood.

I do remember how


it was to plot a course first.

I started out with a goal of simply trying to walk just one mile to see how far it actually was.

I only sort of remembered from school that a mile is something like 5000 feet or so.

Well to make things easier for me I just decided to walk the distance it would take to go from one traffic light to the next traffic light and back to where I started from.

I knew I wanted to make it at least that one mile when I ran so I conditioned myself to simply walk the mile distance for about 3 days in a row.

After I knew I could walk the distance, I then ran at a *moderate pace* that one mile distance just so I could see what my heart and lungs could put up with.

If you could remember what it was like to run the mile in gym class and it has been a while...'s not different! It still puts you to your limits especially if you haven't done any physical exercise for more than a year!

After I had finished running just that one mile distance, I would walk back just to see what the difference was. When I had got back to my apartment it took me at least 2 days to figure out that I had traveled not just one mile but 2
(there and back ... duh)
So I figured
"Hey, I just did about 2 miles and I know I can run it there and run it back."
So that's what I did!
Once I accomplished that goal I got home and made a calender.

I wrote in the calender how many miles I was going to travel instead of how many I would just run or walk and then I charted what I was able to accomplish.

Then I would set a goal to see how much further I could make it in the same direction.
Remember you gotta walk before you run.
So it was wise for me to plot a course of about 1 more traffic light and just walk the distance there and back.

I simply followed the same routine plotting a course walking the distance there and back and then run it there and walk it back plotting my accomplishments on my calender.

When I made it to about 4 miles one direction,(just walking) I knew it was going to be a challenge to run this far yet I laced up my sneaks and started to jog.

True it was exilerating to continue to push my self this far! I didn't think I could make, yet I was doing it while I was quitting smoking and for the first time in about 10 years I felt my lungs burn with something more than tar and ashes.

I had walked back the whole time I could feel me heart pounding and I could even see my veins pulse with every beat of my heart so I knew it was a good thing I was doing

and yes man I was sooo tired and sore more in a way I didn't know I could be.

I got back to the calender that night and set the goal that for the next month I would run that 4 mile distance and run back!
I knew I could do it.

So that's what I did!

It's been about 5 years since I made the choice to fill my heart and lungs with oxygen instead of carbon monoxide and I know it was the best decision I could have made for myself.

Now don't get me wrong I know I wouldn't have made it to run that 1 mile distance if I didn't walk it first.